In our most recent B2B Buyer Study, third-party content and research rank high on the list of resources buyers use when researching new solutions. With our Special Report Sponsorship, you get to align with the DGR brand by sponsoring an editorially-led special report on a specific topic. It’s also a great way to bring in partners.

  • Full year of lead generation – Sponsors will receive contact information of those who download the asset for two months. Then will receive monthly for the next 10 months.
  • Open to multiple sponsors (General sponsorships only)
  • Logo on cover
  • “About us” copy included at the end of the report
  • Copy of report and rights to use the content in follow-up campaigns and/or outreach
  • The final report will be featured in our weekly newsletter and will be supplemented with a comprehensive promotional program for two months
  • Sponsors will receive contact information of those who download the asset weekly for the first two months, then monthly for the remaining 10
  • Add-Ons (first-come, first-served): executive byline, case study or Q&A

General Sponsorship: $15,500

Exclusive Sponsorship: Contact your account manager for more information

  • January: Integrating Signal Data Into ABM & Ad Strategies
  • February: 8th Annual Killer Content Awards
  • March: Guide To Marketing-Fueled Sales Enablement
  • NEW: “What’s Working” Series – Demand Generation
  • April: State Of Account-Based Marketing
  • May: State Of Marketing Technology
  • June: Guide To Closing Funnel Gaps
  • NEW: “What’s Working” Series – B2B Advertising
  • July: State of Database Quality & Accuracy
  • August: Video & Interactive Marketing Strategies
  • NEW: “What’s Working” Series – B2B Social Strategies
  • September: 3rd Annual B2B Innovator Awards
  • October: State Of Audience Metrics
  • NEW: “What’s Working” Series – The Content Gate Debate
  • November: State Of Lifecycle Marketing & Post Sale Strategies
  • December: State Of Marketing Automation 2020
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