There is no question that buyers are looking for more interactive content options. With sites such as YouTube delivering more than 2 billion views each day, video is an increasingly popular and engaging way to reach those buyers..

The solutions below are designed to position your company as not only a thought leader in your space, but a leading-edge thought leader willing to go beyond traditional content ideas and provide information in the way that appeals most to each individual prospect.

Motion Graphics

These take the idea of an Infographic one step further — it’s a video representation of vital or complex information that your audience can consume quickly and visually. The videos can be used in an email-based program, placed on websites or used in sales presentations.

Investment starting at $7,500

Video Case Studies

Case studies are one of the most effective ways to nurture a lead through the funnel. Decision-makers rely heavily on what their peers are doing to be successful in business: Put them on video and you have a persuasive selling tool for your sales team. When creating video case studies for a client, DGR will work with you and your customers to decide on the best location to conduct the interview and will provide the video crew, interviewer, editing and promotion of the video once complete.

Investment starting at $7,500

Video Podcasts

Looking to extend the reach of the overall campaign? Add a two-minute video podcast (via Skype) with an executive (pre- or post-event) from your team to discussing a complementary theme . One of our editors will serve as the interviewer and work with you to develop the talking points. In addition we’ll record, edit and post the webcast to DGR TV.

Investment starting at $5,000